Saturday, August 26, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Thirty-four years ago we said, "I do." Every day since we have said,"I will."

We have grown up together.
We have danced and we have sung sweet songs.
We celebrate us.


Anonymous said...

Dear "Q",

What a wonderful thing to be celebrating!!!!

Hope you and yours have a great day and blessings are sent to you.

Wonderful pics. WOW!! WOW!!

Love ya, Me

Q said...

Thank you,
Your blessings are a lovely gift.
Celebrating our special day is important to us.
We are not fancy people so a day together in Nature is our happy way.
I am very pleased with the photos of butterflies and flowers and birds.
As Fall aproaches I think I will become smitten by leaves. Soon we will have Mums in bloom.
This Winter I have ideas of where I might be able to find winter birds. I will continue with the feeding station for my backyard birds. I do know where the Eagles nest. I have already put a request in for a Saturday outing. They nest at Squaw Creek. This will be fun.

Q said...

Hi Sprite,
Thank you for your lovely wishes.
Love, Laughter and joy are important to me! Must have a daily dallop of each.
I also like to play while I am working. I am so very grateful my husband likes to play too.
Being people who love Mother Nature makes our life so full of joy. Seeing the birds and bugs and eating fresh from the backyard is ever so fine. He appreciates what I do and I appreciate what he does and we have fun in the dirt. We say, "Thank you" lots.