Sunday, August 06, 2006


Once the sun began to set the swifts came out.
They glide and soar.
Dragonfly convention in the backyard! Oh my! Wow!

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Q said...

Hi Sprite,
The Swifts are not very big. They fly over my house and that shot is about roof high. With the zoom it does appear to be large. The wing is easy to spot. They do soar with wings back. The shot of the forward wing was very exciting to me as we seldom get to see them "flap". Getting photos is diffilcult as they fly so fast!
The dragonflies were almost as high in the sky as the Swifts. They also are fast fliers and change direction constantly like the swifts do. I took almost 100 photos that evening.
Years ago the swifts would nest in our chimney. I have had babies in the house. Not safe for them. We put guards up so no nests in our chimney. They still try.
We are very fond of the Chimney Swifts. Every evening they come out. As soon as the sun sets they leave and the bat comes. I can sit on the deck and be entertained for hours.