Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ten more minutes?

Can I have just ten more minutes?
Just a little bit longer to be with the Chick-a dees?
I want to finish listening to the Carolina Wren.

I would like the Chriping Sparrow to be comfortable with me.

Just ten more minutes to greet a new visitor.

"Hello, welcome. I do not know you."
I may need ten more years.
Maybe ten more life times.


Deb said...

Your "new" visitor is lovely. Is his chest the robin's egg blue that it appears? What a handsome bird he is!

Q said...

Hi Deb,
Yes, this bird's chest is this pale blue! My husband and I both think it is a Sparrow of some sort but the blue on his chest and on his wings is not anything I have ever seen before. I saw him for the first time yesterday, before it began to rain, so I do not think it is a "wet" bird. No idea if it is a juvenile Sparrow or a bird molting or what!
Maybe he will stay around and I will get more photos and learn his name.

Naturegirl said...

Q you are most definitely my kindred spirit! I adore your walk with nature and how you can capture
~~the moment!~~ Do you live in a bird
sanctuary or what! I have never seen so many beautiful species in one garden!!Perhaps you live in an enchanted forest..I can hear their songs from here! Wonderful photos!
hugs NG...we make sunshine where we can even if it's bringing it indoors!

Q said...

Dear Naturegirl,
We are kindred spirits!!!
Well, I sort of live in a bird sanctuary~I have a certificate someplace that says I do. It just means I have food and water and shelter for birds! I actually live on a corner lot in the city, across the street from a cemetary!
There are old growth trees in my neighborhood and I think not too many bird feeders! We are all organic too so that is a huge plus for the birds. Many of my neighbors still have their yards sprayed so that's very harmful. I set out lots and lots and lots of food too. I think they come for the food more than my musings on Irish Fairies.
For December I do create an Enchanted indoor forest! In October it is the Haunted forest!
It is fun!
Now that the terrible cold wiped out so much of my spring blooms I am bird dependant!
I did see Mr. Bumbles on Sunday for a brief minute. I set out the dish garden in case he could not find any food. It is very sad for me to lose so many spring blooms.
I will have to wait and see as spring returns what is lost and what is okay. The Jack-in-the Pulpits had just opened the day before the bitter cold struck!
They have laid themselves down in total surrender! I do have a photo of opening day.
Oh yes, "we do make sunshine where ever we can!" It is the Goddess in us shining forth.
Thank you for the photo compliment. Speaking of bird songs, I am working on it! Soon I hope to have a recording.

Mary said...


Your newcomer puzzles me and I don't have my field guide with me. All of these photos are worth framing. Honestly, you have an artist's eye with pictures and words.

Q said...

Hi Mary,
I looked in two different field guides and was not able to identify this little guy. I do wonder!
Thank you. Blush-blush blush!!!
It is my passion; the birds and bugs and plants and such.