Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Rain Came

The rain came in this afternoon.
Perhaps it will help the stressed plants.
Mocking Bird was wet.
Back yard female Cardinal was wet.
Front yard female Cardinal was wet.
Female Red Bellied stayed dry!
My husband brought home a different Woodpecker nut mix.
It is a popular treat.
The pair of Downys, the pair of Hairys and the Red Bellies have been coming and going all day.
It says it also attracts the Northern Flickers.
I can hear them. Hope they come for a snack.


Chrissie said...

Your poor birds do look wet! Here it is still dry, no April Showers so far at all. Great pics as always :-)

The French Nest said...

Oh they are precious, Q! And it looks like they are thoroughly enjoying their seed!

Mum and I usually visit a small bird specialty store where you can buy a variety of different bird seed from all over the world, along with a beautiful collection of various bird/hummingbird feeders, books, birdbaths, even clothing! It's one of those stores you can get "lost" in!

PAT said...

Hi Sherry!!

Thank you so much for sending the scent of French Lilacs, my way. I miss our lilacs at the farm!

I always enjoy visiting here.

We have sunshine today! And, it's 51 at the moment. Could spring be reappearing?

Back Porch Musings

Mary said...


You take marvelous photos! If you have a day job you should quit and do this for a living.

We are having our first day of rain in 26 days. The cold snap turned new growth brown, black, and limp. Maybe the rain will help...

Keep taking those wonderful bird photos!

Tumblewords: said...

Hi Sherry
I can relate to the discomfort of the birds! Wonderful photos, as always, and your words are so welcoming...I always enjoy my visits here.

Q said...

Hi Chris,
I so hope the rains will help the plants! The cold has been so hard on everything.
The birds seem to be okay. I have put out lots more seed and suet.
Do you have a way of watering at the allotment? I have lots of seed for spring sowing once the soils warm back up.
Thanks for enjoying the photos.

Q said...

Hi French Nest,
The birds are so sweet.
I bet I would love the shop you and your mum visit!
I have been staying home, worrying over the plants.
Perhaps I am in need of an outing.

Q said...

Dear Pat,
I do hope Spring is returning. The mid-west has been hit rather hard with the bitter cold after an early Spring show.
The French Lilacs are holding their own. I could smell the White Lilac even tho it has turned brown.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I am home all day. Just me, the birds and the camera!
I take many photos as I learn the way of the photographer.
Telling the story of life, on my corner of the world, is my passion. I always hope it is enjoyable to those that are so kind to visit. I also hope they will be aware of the birds, bugs and plants that are in their backyard. Perhaps the photos will remind people that their world is beautiful, no matter where they live. Together we can figure out how to take care of the natural world.
Thank you for your encouragement.
I shall continue being the best steward I know to be and learning the ways of the camera.
My new adventure, sound recording, is the next step in bringing my backyard to you.
One of these days Teakettle can sing for you too!

Q said...

Dear Tumblewords,
I like rain. I like cloudy days and rain puddles. I do not like to be cold or wet or hot!
I do write some poetry and often it is the rain and the birds that inspire me.
I enjoy your writing very much.
I think you have a lovely muse.