Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mocking Bird Cures the Blues

I asked Mocking Bird once again to pose for a rain gauge photo.
He takes this job very seriously.
He asked for raisins.
How could I resist?
I have been somewhat melancholy.
The bitter cold, with Spring so far advanced, has left much of the gardens in jeopardy.
I do not know what will survive.
Mocking Bird made me laugh.


Deb said...

Our weather today has been very tempermental - we are expecting either wet snow or rain this evening and it is very windy. This afternoon our garden was full of seagulls. I put out peanuts for our 1 visiting blue jay but the squirrels gobbled them up before he returned :-(

Sheila said...

I live in the same region as Deb above, and as I look outside it appears we have freezing rain..Poor gardens..!
I love the look on the mocking bird's face in the second photograph, if birds could have an expression..he has one..LOL

Q said...

Hi Deb,
Sea Gulls, how lovely. They always seem so graceful to me. I am inland and only see the gulls when I travel.
The squirrels seem to gobble up everything I put out too! I have been giving the Mocking Bird and the Jays raisins. The squirrels do not eat them!

Q said...

Dear Shelia,
Freezing rain?? It is so hard on everything and everyone!
I know it can be very beautiful yet I have lost many trees and bushes to freezing rain. I have listened to branches cracking and powerlines snapping under the weight of freezing rain.
I send blessings to you and Deb as nightfall desends. I got chilled just thinking about freezing rain...
May you and your gardens be safe.

Mocking Bird is so funny. A dependable bird that always cheers me up!
He has personality!

Mary said...


How do you get such wonderful photos? May I ask what camera you are using?

It seems that everytime I look outside there is a mockingbird waiting to pose for me. Aren't they funny?

Q said...

Hi Mary,
I use a Nikon D50 camera. For Christmas my husband and I gave each other a telephoto lens, 200-500x and each month I have been investing in equipment. Currently I am working on learning the use of filters.
The birds and I have a "relationship" and I hope that comes across!
Some of the birds, like Mocking Birds, are very sociable. I think they are funny!
Learning the camera and teaching it to see what I see has been an adventure!
Thank you for your encouragement!