Monday, April 02, 2007

Busy Day

The home opener is this afternoon.
I will turn the radio on and listen while I garden.

Holy Week has begun.

Tonight at sunset Passover begins.

The Crown Imperials are in bloom.
It is a busy day.


Mary said...

Your flowers are so springy. What bird is that? I'm still learning about the birds. It's gorgeous!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
That sweet bird is a young male American Gold Finch. We have a small flock that come to the feeders. I was tickled to see his tail feathers flared!
They are beautiful singers too.
Soon I will not be able to get very good, "birds in trees" as the leaves will give too much cover.
I too am still learning about the birds even after 35 years of being a "birder".

Kelly Family Blog said...

As always your photos are amazing! I am going to have to make a file on my computer just for your pictures.

Q said...

Dear Laurie,
Birds and bugs and blooms, oh my!
I am so pleased you are enjoying the gardens with me.
Each day a new adventure. I never know from moment to monent what joy Mother Nature will present.
I am a shutterbug.
We won the opener!!