Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Opening to Grace

The Eastern Tailed-Blue Butterfly
is very tiny, 3/4 of an inch from wing tip to wing tip.
As she opened her wings I remembered grace.
Today I hold people in my heart. I dedicate this day to those who mourn.
Each person has a talent, each person is a blessing.
We must show kindness to everyone.
The smallest of the butterflies is equally as beautiful as the Giant Swallowtails.
The Eastern Tailed-Blue butterfly came today to tell me so.


Chrissie said...

These pics are just beautiful. I agree that the tiniest butterflies are just as great (if not more so!) Well done on taking these stunning pics!
(Is it a joke about the Bumble Bee New Moon? I know you have taught us that all new moons have names but is this one real? :-))

Sheila said...

Your photographs are worthy of awards (plural)..I come here to drool, to learn, and to wonder at the bounty of Nature..
Thank you Sherry...so much!!

Q said...

Dear Chris,
Oh yes! The New Moon in April is the Bumble Bee New Moon!
Last June I became aware that the New Moons had never been named. I deemed it my job to name the New Moons. It seems as if the ancients named the Full Moons but I could not find any references to the New Moons.
If others want to use my New Moon names I would be ever so happy to share! LOL!! :-)
Sometimes we need to smile and remember the gayity of life.
I think this little butterfly is so beautiful too. It was fun to take her photo.

Q said...

Dear Sheila,
YOU are a stunning storyteller!
I just take photos!
Glad you enjoy the essays.
The best award I could ever recieve is if each person that looks at one of my photos takes care of the earth under their feet!
Thank you! I never know from post to post how the story comes across.
Right now I am on hold as I see what will grow after the too early spring and bitter return of winter. My husband told me last night as we walked, "We are gardeners. We will replant if we need to."
It is true. We will. I will need to keep in mind food for the bugs and the birds and the critters that call this little spot of heaven home.

Deb said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful words to go with them as always! You have captured the colours of nature so beautifully.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
I was tickled to get this tiny butterfly. I had to "work" to get her just right.
Sad day in the USA.