Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Thunder Showers

I awoke to thunder and bird songs.
I raised the windows to let in the smell of rain.
The Azaleas bloomed over night.
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Chrissie said...

Hello Sherry. There is no doubt your spring has overtaken ours
:-) Our azaleas are still in bud and we are waiting for the their colours. Are the storms normal for the time of year for you?

Housefrau said...

Azaleas! Those look just like the pink and red bushes at my house. I must have azaleas too!

Mary said...

The azaleas are in bloom here too and the tulips are finally beginning to show their faces as well.

I want to tell you how very much I enjoy coming to your blog. It's like taking a mini break during my day. A little oasis of beauty.


Deb said...

Lots of thunder storms and rain here as well ... we have heard *snow* may return later in the week :(

Q said...

Hi Chris,
There is a saying around our state,
"If you don't like the weather just stick around 24 hours and it will change!"
Spring is up and down and full of storms! Our last frost date is May 1st. Last year our last frost was in March. Yesterday it was 82 degrees Fahrenheit (28 Celsius); tonight we are to have 30 degrees F(-1 C).
The Azalea that began to bloom last night are near the house so they are a wee bit warmer than the ones farther out in the flower bed. With the cooler temperatures maybe our Spring will slow down a bit!
I kept a pair of leg warmers up and the long underware! I will need them tomorrow when I feed the birds. ;-)

Q said...

Dear Housefrau,
Yeah! Azaleas! Yours will be bigger and hardier than mine. I push the growing zones a bit! These are old bushes too and have become ajusted to our zero degrees in the winter and 101 degrees in the summer! I mulch them heavily as well so they have a chance to make it.
I am so happy you have identified one of your blooming bushes!
They are very pretty.
Just like you!

Q said...

Hi Mary,
I am so happy you enjoy "Corner".
It is fun for me to share the flora and fauna of this little spot of Heaven on Earth!
I have relationships with the plants and birds and bugs and sometimes a squirrel and a bunny or two.
Everday Nature offers a new fun adventure. I am happy you come by and share in the joy.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
The storms can be awesome!
As I write tonight the wind is howling.
Snow??!! Oh dear. I bet you are ready for snow to be gone.
April snow showers bring May flowers right?
Once your Spring pops It will be beautiful.
Juncos are on their way to you. They left my house on April 1st.