Monday, April 02, 2007

Full Pink Moon Day

The Full Pink Moon is today at 12:15pm cdt

It is named after the wild creeping phlox.


Naturegirl said...

Very interesting! My creeping phlox creeps NOT.. it's too cold here 3 celcius and sooo cold! Pink moon sounds so warm.hugs NG

Chrissie said...

The creeping phlox looks beautiful and what colour! Thanks for the link to the moon names, very interesting. I had never thought of the moon cycles having names before.

Q said...

Hi Naturegirl,
Soon, very soon I just know the warm breeze will find you.
There will be "pink" for you too.
At least we have the same moon every day.
Happy Full Pink Moon to you.
Thinking spring thoughts for north of the 49th,

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I love the Full Moon names so much!
It is interesting to me that the ancients named the Full Moon too.
That is why I decided to name the New Moon every month. I could not find their names so I guess the "Powers That Be" choose me to do it!
Creeping phlox is very bright. It comes in different colors. Mine is the old fashion color.