Saturday, April 07, 2007

Cedar Waxings

A Cedar Waxwing was looking for water.
They normally travel in flocks.
He was on his own.

Perhaps the others will come later.


Sheila said...

Lovely pictures of one of my favourite birds. Some years ago now, my DH was mowing the lawn, and just in time he spotted a waxwing chick in the grass. Lifting it up gently, he placed it on a branch of the cherry tree. Soon Momma bird found it and lots of chirping conversation took place. We soon learned the actual nest was in the pussy willow tree. I didn't recognize the birds until I looked them up in our bird guide. Momma bird eventually raised her brood, about 3 from what we could tell, and they spent several weeks with us in the garden. One Fall day I was cleaning and HB was out, I noticed our (indoor) cats were fussing at the dining room window. When I investigated, there was a waxwing sitting on the ledge, chirping for all it was worth. It sat there for several minutes, before flying away. Moments later HB returned, and I told him of our visitor. He went into the yard but the birds were nowhere to be seen, and we never saw them again. They have not nested here again. We like it think it came to say Thank You and goodbye before moving on.
Happy Easter..xx

Q said...

Dear Sheila,
Thank you for sharing this story.
I do think Waxwing was saying, "Thank you."
I think the creatures do appreciate our care.
I appreciate you and your husband for being aware and kind.
These are beautiful little birds.
We do need to care for the birds.
So much of their habitat is gone.