Saturday, April 14, 2007

Brown Thrasher

I heard the song of the Brown Thrasher.

A summer time bird in my gardens.
Once again I picked up my hope.
I checked my seed basket.
The saved seed from last year is waiting, ready for warm soils.

The lilies, the iris and the peonies are nipped. They may not come into bloom this year. Yet I can sow the sunflowers and the marigolds. The cosmos and the zinnias will provide food for the butterflies and bees. We have snow peas and lettuce seed. We will be fine. Spring will give way to Summer and Autumn will follow.
The Brown Thrasher has returned.


Mary said...

Sherry, a Brown Thrasher has been visiting me every day. I love watching it work the soil. Your photos are outstanding.

Q said...

Hi Mary,
They are so beautiful! Bug eaters and fruit, so Brown Thrasher let me know we will have warm enough temperatures for bugs! That means soon I can plant seeds again.
I love their song. Huge repertoire!
I was pleased with these photos.
I hope he gets a mate too amd nests. Last summer we had a pair in the back bushes. I would love to be able to get some photos of youngsters.