Monday, April 23, 2007

St George's Day

St George's Day
means the return of the Baltimore Orioles.
I wrote that in my almanac.
I had replaced the nectar in the feeder this morning.

I had put fresh orange halves out.
I was full of hope.
Mother Nature is beautiful.


PAT said...

I haven't stopped by in awhile. Just absolutely love all the photos and your way with words!! Always a pleasure to visit!

Back Porch Musings

Chrissie said...

Mother Nature is wonderful. These birds are beautiful, so colourful! Happy St George's Day to you :-), Q.

Q said...

Hi Pat,
I seem to stop my work rather often to snap a few photos. By the end of the day I have a couple hundred!

Deb said...

The colours of the Oriole are so spectacular! Yes, Mother Nature is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Just dropped by for a minute and I'm so struck by your photos just keeping looking and looking . They are so fine. I'm hoping that the oriole will find the fruit slices on feeder. Was seating on porch watching nature in the am and here came an adult wild turkey ran to get camera and batteries were dead, hope to see more. Sure do enjoy your Corner. Love, Me

Q said...

Dear Chris,
Happy St. George's Day to you too.
Mother Nature is truely awesome. My flowers are mostly gone, but soon I will plant seeds for summertime bloom. Until that time I am putting out some butterfly nectar pots. I saw so many butterflies today looking for food.
Hope my supplement helps.

Q said...

Hi Deb,
I was thrilled to see the Oriole!! He came back many times so maybe he will stay around for awhile. It is so exciting to see a new bird and to see the birds return. The Male Oriole may bring his female! That would be grand!
Your birds are arriving as well. It is fun!

Q said...

Dear Me,
The Oriole did stop at the fruit feeder you gave to me. I have photos! It is in the back of the yard so my shots are not as close up as when he came to the feeding station.
Wild Turkey!!!!
That is very cool. I know the frustration of dead battery!! I now have two, one is in the camera and the other is fully charged.
Surely Wild Turkey will come again.
The food supply must be low. Our son saw one cross the street Friday night when he was just a couple of houses away from our house. I think I will put out some wheat from last year just in case they are looking for food in my area too.
Thank you for enjoying Corner.