Saturday, April 21, 2007

Yellow-rumped Warbler

I heard a different "check-check-check".
I looked about.
If this tiny, 5 inch bird, had not flown to the Ash tree I would not have seen him.
It is migrating now.

Not a bird for the feeders. He eats bugs.
I like bugs.
The Yellow-rumped Warbler is new to the garden.
I had never seen one before.


Mary said...

How did I miss this?

On Friday I fell my bum to get a photo of one (a lifer for me) and you show such beautiful photos!

I'm jealous :o)

Q said...

Good Morning Mary,
I understand the fall on the bum!
I must be careful too as I step back and take my photos.
I was excited to see this bird, a lifer for me too. His mate came also. I did not post those photos, Blogger was tired of me posting photos that day! The Yellow-rumped has a sweet "Check-check-check" call.
The 500x zoom helps so much for the bird photos. I do find the lens wants to focus on the nearest object, normally a branch! Right now the leaves are still somewhat small so I can still get photos. Come summer I will need the birds to "come on down!"