Thursday, April 26, 2007

I Believe

Help my disbelief.

The Red Bud tree is leafing out again..

I see green on the front Dogwood.

It is cold and cloudy this morning.

The birds are bright and full of song.
I will keep watch.


Naturegirl said...

Thank you for these photos...Spring is in the air! You would LoVe the desert blossoms here in Arizona! I am so pleasantly surprised! hugs NG

Mary said...

You must be feeding those goldfinches very well! What a chubby bird :o)

It's so good to see green again. It seems that Spring is coming around again after a cold snap in between.

We are going to have some storms tonight. We need rain.

Chrissie said...

Two springs in one year :-) There must be a proverb about that! I just knew Mother Nature could do it :-)

Q said...

Dear Naturegirl,
I bet Arizona is beautiful!!
The desert blooming sounds magical.
Hope you are taking photos and will share when you get back home.
Your Spring should be budding soon.

Q said...

Hi Mary,
This little Gold Finch is all puffed up to stay warm. It was really cold this morning. He does have plenty of food too. I thought he was extra cute.
I have been very concerned about the trees. Such a strange April.
Hope your storms are mild and just the type of soft rain everything needs.
Our rains have helped spring to come again.

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I am still waiting on the Ivy, the Iris and the Lilies to re-emerge! Some plants are "over" and I will not know until next year if they are okay. The large Pinoak is still with out new leaf buds. It is brown. The boxwoods are all brown tipped, we can trim them. I think we lost some of the heathers. Next week I will begin my clean up and trimming. Most of the roses are brown. They could be lost. My husband says we will replant.
Such a strange spring!
Thank goodness for the birds!

PAT said...

Hi Sherry...we are tickled to see our trees leafing out again. It sure was a worrisome time between those freezing temps and the "renewed leafing"! Spring has returned to Missouri!

Great photos!!

Back Porch Musings

Q said...

Hi Pat,
It has been very worrisome!!
Like Chris said "there must be a proverb!" Maybe something like "Ice Cream Trucks in February, lost spring in April"
Too strange.
Glad your trees are re-leafing too. Fingers crossed on my Pinoak.