Monday, April 09, 2007

Flower of Life

Chris, who posts from Notes from Somerset Gardens
has taken me on tours of her beautiful country, England.
I have visited her country side and her cities through the lens of her camera.
I have seen through her eyes the marvels of her butterflies and the birds that come to visit her. Her gardens are beautiful.
Her Magnolia tree inspired me to look at my neighbor's tree and to enjoy its beauty.

She has brought her grace to my Corner of the world.
I have learned about ice lollies and the dandelion clock.
She comments and encourages me.
I call her friend.
When I look to the east I think of Chris.
When I see the moon rise I think how I am seeing the same moon only 6 hours later.

This morning when I came in from feeding the birds a seed drifted in.
I watched as it floated in my house.
I thought of Chris. How she has planted seeds of kindness in my garden.
May you also enjoy her insights and her wit.

The Flower of Life is about how we are connected.


Chrissie said...

Oh Q :-) I am speechless! An unknown sensation for me! Thank you!

Q said...

Dear Chris,
Sometimes no words are the best!
You are welcome, friend.