Sunday, April 01, 2007

Spring Azure

The Spring Azure flitted from Grape Hyacinth
to Grape Hyacinth.
Measuring only 3/4 of an inch they are the tiny violet- blue butterflies seen all over North America. Their range extends from Alaska and Northern Canada into Mexico.

While flying their violet blue catches the eye.
While feeding the below wings are pale gray, making them very hard to spot.

This butterfly is poetry in motion!

It is National Poetry Month.

You can link through Q's Book Club. for a poem a day.

We are reading poems while our books arrive.

Come join in.


The French Nest said...

Hi Q,

Thank you for your sweet comment on my post, and thank you for thinking of me when you found your French treasures. I would be so absolutely ecstatic to have them. I tried to e-mail back but my e-mail did not send, so I was wondering if you had an alternate e-mail address? I wasn't too sure regarding Canadian versus American postage to cover the shipping/handling costs.


Q said...

Hi Kate,
So sorry about the wrong e-mail. I was working late and was careless in my typing. No worries on postage as I can cover it.
These are a few little things that I hope you will enjoy.
We will make contact at some point. LOL

Sheila said...

This is a pretty little creature. Grape hyacinths attract the nicest insects, don't they..?


Q said...

Hi Sheila,
The grape hyacinths do attract the butterflies and bees!
The Honey Bees and Azures are well suited for the tiny blooms. The Bumble Bees are rather big.
The temperatures have warmed up so quickly everything in my gardens are two weeks ahead of normal.
Zip-zap-zip, Spring is in full swing.

Mary said...

Q, you are a great photographer! The butterflies and the colors are striking.

Q said...

Hi Mary,
Thank you! It feels so exciting when a photo turns out the way I see! Right now the gardens are lovely in their spring colors. Having the butterflies and the bees helps to give the zip to the photos. Always the birds are so pretty. I also like the clouds and the way the wind blows. I love the sounds too! I think I just like the way Mother Nature is so diverse and beautiful in each season.
Photography was the natural prgression for me. Lots to learn too! Being able to share is the best.
Glad you enjoy the pictures.