Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Northern Flicker

The male Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker
flew to the back Ash tree.
The Ash is the last tree in the yard to leaf out.
He is a large woodpecker who eats beetles and ants.
I hope he returns. We have plenty of ants and beetles.
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Chrissie said...

Wow he is handsome! I do love looking at your birds. Their colours are so brilliant. Great pics as always. (Any news of the comp yet?)

Deb said...

What a stunning bird the Northern Flicker is!

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I was sitting on the floor by the back door changing the lens on the camera when I saw the Flicker fly in. I have the screen in the bottom half of the door so I just took these pics right through the screen! Had I stood up I might have been able to get even better pics through the glass, but I was concerned the Flicker would fly! Fingers crossed the Flicker returns when I am outside.
I have not heard about the photo contest. They had over 4,000 photos sent in and the few I looked at are impressive! I will check and see if any of mine even made it to the gallery.
I love posting photos for "Corner". Your kindness is reassuring. Birds and bugs are not always easy to photograph. They just do not respond to my ideas on what would be a great shot.
Thanks for enjoying the pictures.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
He is stunning!!!
Eats beetles too and ants. My kind of bird. I keep hoping to meet the bird that likes Squash Bugs. Every year I seem to have a huge crop of them.
The Flicker's range does extend into Eastern Canada. Do they visit your area?