Saturday, April 07, 2007

Wren Wisdom

The little wren told me to keep my chin up,
all was in divine order.
To take what I want and leave the rest.
Teakettle warmed by the golden egg

and shimmered in the sunshine.

I shall sit in the sunshine and shine too!


Tumblewords: said...

Divine order is a good thing! Sunshine is a good thing!
This is the second day of sun and warm-enough-for-barefeet temps which followed last week's hard frost and lung freezing cold. Ah, how wonderful. Spring birds are bathing on the pool cover in the little puddles that remain after I pumped off winter's wet. They are loving the little pockets of warm water and are stirring the air with happy chirps. It's a good world!

Sheila said...

Hi Sherry, I have just caught up on your lovely (as ever) posts. The birds sure appreciate your TLC, especially during that cold snap. I hope Mr. Bumbles is okay ?
Happy Easter to you and your husband.

Q said...

Dear Tumblewords,
It is a good world.
Even with the bitter cold April it is a "good world".
Happy your birds are singing their songs and giving forth the joy of Spring.
I am outside come rain or shine, hot or cold. I like to have my bird time every day. It is the way they get to know I am a friend.
The sun adds at least ten degrees to the feel of the air.
I normally like cloudy days but when it is cold I like the sunshine.

Q said...

Dear Shelia,
I have not seen Mr. Bumbles for a couple of days. It has not warmed up even by noon for Mr. Bumbles to come out. I brought in my dish garden so hopefully once the temps warm up I can set it back out for Bumble Bee food.
Happy Easter to you and yours,