Thursday, April 12, 2007


My Mother wanted a rose garden.
My Father planted one for her.
He cared for the roses.
Mother was not a gardener.

Saint Francis of Assisi came to me when my childhood home was sold.
He had been in the rose garden.

In 1972 my Mother bought a canary, "Sunny" was his name.
When the American Gold Finch came and sang
I remembered my Mother's canary.

I had not thought of that little bird for many years.
I think there were many different "Sunnies".


Chrissie said...

A beautiful post, Sherry.

Q said...

Dear Chris,
Thank you.
Remembering my Mother is a daily event. I was pleased to have the "Wild Canary", the Gold Finch, remind me of all the "Sunnies" my Mother cared for!
I was tickled pink!

Mary said...

I think your Mom was a nature lover, too, with a touch of soft, sweet pink surrounding her.

Deb said...

Such a beautiful post. I love your Saint Francis statue (thank you for the link)How wonderful that it is now in your garden after being in your garden as a child.

Q said...

Hi Mary,
My Mother, in theory, loved nature.
She was not an outdoors sort. She thought sitting in the car, in the sun, while my father did the shopping was getting outside!
My Mother was a funny lady.
Her pink was more of a cotton candy sort of pink. She liked the pearlized and sparkly pinks.
She did have lovely pink cheeks and she truely saw the world through pink tinted glasses.

Q said...

Hi Deb,
I have saved many "cuttings" from my childhood home for my gardens. I wish I had been able to do even more. The garden statue is a nice remembrance. I have a couple of pictures of my Father's rose garden. It was long ago. I do have a few dried roses from his garden.
I grow a few roses for my Father.