Sunday, April 08, 2007


In the early morning I went outside.
The sun was rising.
It was cold, frost was on the ground.
I dedicated my day to the awareness of sound.
I heard the Blue Heron as she flew over the house.
I have not seen her for a very long time.
I knew my next adventure would be successful.
I am learning about sound.
I am learning how to record the sounds of nature.

Teakettle came right up to the reviewing stand.
He sang a short good morning song.

The female Cardinal chirped and went to the pond for a drink.

The Waxwing followed her to the frozen pond.
Near the center rock a tiny spot of open water remained.
I have a desire to make my own Backyard Bird Sounds cd.
I shall honor that desire.
This past year I have been learning about light.
Today I open the door to sound.

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