Friday, April 06, 2007

"The Shadow Of Your Smile"

This is our song.
At sunset I saw the melody.
I took a picture off the wall and listened to the memory.
Thirty-five years ago my husband gave me an Easter basket filled with purple Asters.
He played "The Shadow Of Your Smile" on his guitar.
It became our song.


Chrissie said...

How wonderful! Thanks for sharing your special memory :-)

Deb said...

What wonderful memories - and beautiful song.
I was "tagged" for a Thinking Blogger Award and in return was to choose 5 other blogs who inspire me - of course you were one :-)
Wishing you a very Happy Easter.

Mary said...


I spent some time browsing through your posts and I want to tell you that I've never seen such wonder photos of birds. You have an artist's soul, for sure. I can't even pick a favorite. And your poetry only enhances them!

That is a lovely Easter memory..."The Shadow of Your Smile"

I'd like to add you to my blogroll.

Q said...

Hi Chris,
It was one of those serendipitous moments. I had just finished cleaning up the kitchen and the sun was setting. The shadow of the tulips on the east kitchen wall reminded me of the Easter basket my husband gave me when we were daters. I took a framed family photo off the wall and sat at the kitchen table and watched the tulip shadows until the sun set. I could easily remember the first time my husband played "Shadow of Your Smile". The camera is always at my elbow or on my lap!
I am a romatic!

Q said...

Dear Deb,
Oh Deb, how kind of you!
I am honored.
Thank you.
You inspire me too.
Getting to know you has been a blessing in my life.
Thank you.

Q said...

Hi Mary,
I am blushing!!
It would be very nice to be on your blog roll. Thank you.
I think I treasure every part of life. The artist way for me is the way of being connected to my passion. I love nature. I love being one with the creatures and the sky and the water and the soils. I just love it all. I am in relationship with every aspect and see the beauty.
I hope that does come through in the photos.
I also hope that those who enjoy the pictures will see the beauty in themselves and in their backyards.
Thank you for the reassurance that the photos are giving joy and beauty to others lives.