Sunday, April 15, 2007

Red-Headed Woodpeckers

We drive the green ways.
Always ready to pull over.

About a mile from our house is a large city park.
The Red-Headed Woodpeckers live there.

Here the park rangers have allowed the dead trees to stand.
Nesting spots for the Red-Headed Woodpeckers.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Good day!
I'm a student of art that used to collect nature image for assignment use. I found your Great blog that provide me a lot of nice images.

I would like to said Thank you to you and a credit will given for you on my assignment! I hope you will allow me to do so.

Ps: sorry bout my poor english.

Q said...

Hi Astraragant,
Good Day to you too.
It is exciting for me that the photos will be part of your assignment. Thank you for asking to use them and for giving me credit for taking them.
One aspect of my photography is for education. I feel honoured that you are able to use them.
Your English is just fine. I understood and that is what communication is all about.
Hope you get good marks on your work. Let me know!

Mary said...

Stunning! I AM JEALOUS.

Deb said...

How lucky you are to live within an hours drive to see so many beautiful woodpeckers. The pictures are just stunning! I read your comment from "astraragant" - you are inspiring so many people with your amazing photography!

Q said...

Hi Mary,
I bet you have beautiful birds all around you too!
My husband is very nice about seeing wildlife and stopping so I can can take photos. The Red Headed Woodpeckers were on the shoulder of the road!
they are beautiful~!

Q said...

Dear Deb,
I am pleased the photos are enjoyed. Hopefully people will see the beauty that is all around them, wherever they live. I am not in the fanciest part of the city, just a little neighborhood.
All it takes is awareness, kindness and respect and the wildlife have a chance to live with mankind.