Sunday, April 29, 2007

It takes energy

The Robins are feeding young.
Both parents are gathering worms.
The recent rains make their job easier.

The male Eastern Tail-blue Butterfly
sips a dew drop from the tip of a blade of grass.
He will find nourishment from the Hen bit as well.

The Bumble Bees are feeding in the Azaleas.
More bees have come now that more flowers are in bloom.

The Yellow-rumped Warblers are still in the area.
They migrate for nesting.
He is in his summer colors.
Perhaps he finished his molt before heading north.


Mary said...

Sherry, you KNOW I have s aoft spot in my heart for Mr. Bumble...

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Mr. Bumbles loves you too!!!
I was so tickled, Mr. Bumbles follows me around the yard. He seems to be looking for food most of the time. In the mornings I take my coffee to the deck and he comes up and buzzes me and stays about. I will have to get more deck flowers for him.
When my friend was over I suggested Mr. Bumbles go play with his Bumble Bee Buddies. My friend is somewhat nervous around bumble bees! I am throwing a kiss to your bumble bees!
Thanks for remembering Mr. Bumbles.
I will let him know he has an admirer.