Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Blurring The Walls

I find I like bugs with the flowers now. I like birds with branches or flowers. This European Skipper is on one of the sunflowers the birds planted. I am liking the way the birds do their gardening. Tiny signs of Autumn are appearing. Bitty acorns are falling on the driveway.
Last Autumn I began blurring the walls. I began bringing the outside in. I shall do more this year. I will bring more plants inside to grow and let more English Ivy grow on the house. As it turns to its Autumn colors the house will also change.
My husband has concerns. He thinks it will be a huge job to take the ivy down. I have no intention of removing the ivy. I like it on the windows and covering the siding.
I like the idea of living inside an ivy house.


Anonymous said...

Hello "Q",
I also think the ivy is great,the framing of the window is nice.

I'm enjoying the pics so much thanks for being so kind to share.

My hummingbirds have come back since I hung my feeders. A ruby throated hummingbird has been around for about a week and the little green has been here for a long time, they are really enjoyable to watch.

Better go for now.


Q said...

Hi Me,
How wonderful the Hummers are at your house. I find they are so joyful. One minute with a hummer and I am joy filled for at least a day!
The Ruby Throated are the males and the green, ivory breasted the females. I have been reading about the Hummingbirds. I have put my feeders up for the season now. I know the Hummingbirds migrate and I do want mine to do so. It will get cold here in Missouri.
Glad you enjoy the photos. I do have so much fun taking them and sharing them.

Q said...

Hi Sprite,
The pinkish leaf is a small English Ivy leaf. As the season moves forward all the ivy will turn. The older the leaf bud the bigger the leaves. The smaller leaves are new this year. The ivy has been growing here for many years. It was here when I moved in 29 years ago! I transplanted a few cuttings when we put the new siding on and brick wainscoat, 25 years ago. Some of the leaf buds are old.
In the past I have trimmed back the ivy so it does not grow on the window frames or on the siding, I only let it grow on the brick. This year I thought it would look so pretty to let it have more room to grow. The leaves will fall off and purple berries will be left for the birds. They will have fresh berries all winter.
It also reminds me of houses in the UK. I have only seen photos of those enchanted houses.
Maybe someday my house will be enchanted!