Friday, August 11, 2006

Doing things up

My desk needed a new floral so I brought in a few stems of Surprise Lilies.

Inside, the lavender showed so brightly on the petals.
While looking for flowers for my baskets I saw Peek-a-boo Sunflower had opened.
I did up a couple of baskets to take for the ladies that do my services. I thought the Cherry tomatoes would make for a nice "flower". I put the stems in flower vials that hold water. Each basket has tomatoes and a yellow squash. I looked at my baskets and thought they needed a lift. I went out for a few sprigs of Rosemary.

That did the trick. I enjoy doing up treats!


Anonymous said...

Dearest Sherri, I LOVE your page! I do love the pictures of the flowers, I cannot believe you took them! i just wanted to say hi! Have a wondeful day and I look forward to reading this again sometime. Its a fun idea!
Love, Crystyl Wilson (your hair girl :) )

Q said...

Hi Crystyl!
So happy you stopped by. My hair is great. Regular me with a fun flip! Thank you for being hair creative. I do trust my hair to you.
I try to do a photo essay everyday. Sometimes I am late in the day, depends on what is going on. Most days I make something for the house or the gardens. I normally have a flower or a bird or a bug I am smitten with.
Thanks for commenting.

Q said...

Hi Sprite,
You are so kind to say sweet words about the little baskets. Thank you. I have lots of fun doing things up like that.
What variety of Rosemary are you growing? Mine is called ARP. It is hardy to my zone. The first year it is slow and the second year it takes off.
For my Lavender I give it a white mulch, I do sea shells.
Mints do well in our area. I hope to move mine in the fall as I have ideas on how to use more.
Oh I am so pleased you will have your tomatoes soon. Yumm!
Hopefully the 100 degree days are over. I am looking forward to 80's and getting out into the dirt again.
Could use rain. My mantra this summer has been, "Please to have rain!"