Thursday, August 17, 2006

Muggy Day

The Yellow Sulfur butterfly's wings are yellow on one side and green on the other. These days are known as "The Dog Days of August" .
I am enjoying watching the bugs today. The grasshoppers have arrived. They will eat lots of foliage.
So many interesting spiders! I am hoping for rain again. Rain to clean the air and water the plants.

I signed up for another session of Yoga. I recommitted. We have a break before September's session begins. My daughter suggested I start a yoga journal. Someplace I can write. Today in class we talked about why we do yoga. Each person has their own reason. My reason is rather simple. I do yoga so I can still weed in twenty years.
I already can be a tree or a bird. Lotus for twenty minutes is rather taxing on the knees. So far I have not been asked to be a bug. I could be a butterfly!


Sprite said...


Dear Q~

How wonderful your commitment to Yoga is. A journal sounds perfect! Weeding in twenty years, now that is a goal. One, I can say for sure that I have not heard before. It is a worthy goal. Good for you Q!

It was a very muggy day, and oh so very difficult to be outside in, for me. I do know that the seasons will change, and I do look forward to it.

You are a butterfly.

So, what butterfly are you today?

* sprite

Q said...

Hi Sprite,
I shall share, as my Yoga teaches me new ways of expression. I love the grace-filled way I am learning how to move the body. Having the feeling of freedom in the body is delightful. Yoga is helping me be free of pain. I keep so many journals, seems as if I am writing all the time. To be in the gardens, caring for the plants for my rest of my life sounds heaven on earth to me. Keeping my knees in great shape will be the ticket.
Today as I dressed I thought about being a butterfly!
I normally wear dark clothes so the birds and bugs are less afraid of me. Today I choose to be a female Swallowtail. All black with just a touch of blue!
I shall begin getting my oranges out and done up. I love wearing black and orange. Monark time is fast approaching.

Sprite said...


I have been seeing Monarchs this week, are you seeing them?

You are a butterfly my friend.

Happy Day!


Q said...

Hi Sprite,
I have been seeing more Monarks. It still is a wee bit early for migration. In some ways the seasons seem to be two to four weeks ahead this year. We had our last frost the end of March rather than the end of April-first of May. I think Fall air is coming! I hope so anyway. I am ever so ready for cooler.
I shall put away the hummingbird feeders next week. She knows where the sweet flower nectar is! I will keep the butterfly nectar out until middle of September.
Right now I am ever so smitten by all the butterflies. Must be transformation time!