Saturday, August 05, 2006


My Husband invited me for breakfast and an outing to City Market. We have shopped here for many years. I always need seed. Planters had Seed Savers' seed half price. I bought 33 packets of different seeds to grow now and for Winter Sowing.
They also had this gong. I already had the perfect place for it by the front porch. I could have waited for gift time but it went so well with the seeds. A,"Please to have".
I did not buy any produce, we are surviving on tomatoes, squashes and potaotes.

I did find a Butterfly Bush for half price. It was on the list of "needed bushes".
My friend has one in her yard and she has Hummingbird Moths visit daily! She is working on figuring a way to bring one to my yard. Now I have a plant for it. Hummingbird Moth is my insect for August. I will keep little bush alive on the porch until it cools down a bit and rain is coming in. I have a spot by the deck I think it would look ever so pretty and be in the full sun it requires.
They do grow rather large.

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Q said...

Oh Sprite!
Yes, City Market is open year around. In the winter I buy fresh veggies.
My husband remodeled the East side of the market a few years ago. It is very pretty. The Chinese Market I shop in is also in this area. It is where the Kumquat tree came from last January.
The Main gate into the Market is 5th Street and Walnut Street. Parking lots are all around, or there is parking on the street. I have driven there myself a few times. Normally my husband and I go together. I really love going in October. I get all sorts of pumpkins for the house. We eat them in November.
The market is open on Sunday too.
I go on Saturdays. Lots of Venders on Saturday. I would think many venders on Sunday too. In the "nice" weather it is crowded. We go early, 8am-ish, and already there will be many people.
I do hope you can go come Fall. It is lovely.