Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Lughnasad, Celtic Harvest

Happy Lughnasadh!

Our friend, Sprite, told us about this Holiday! I have done some research. So fun to celebrate old and new Holidays. Thank you Sprite! I will fix potatoes for supper.

It is August!

When the pollen falls from the flowers I am so charmed, Fairy dust!

Sunflowers are gracing the August tables. We are having another heat wave. A water main broke a couple of blocks away so our water pressure is very low. I have two sprinklers going so the birds and the plants are getting drinks. The heat and the dryness are so very hard on all of the gardens. I am trying to keep the mums alive. I am staying cool too and drinking lots of water. Harvesting the heat would be nice and storing it for winter.

Each Day is an opportunity to give. Each day I receive gifts.

In August I shall be ever so aware of the gifts. In August I shall write down, in my journal, the gifts that come to me.


Sprite said...

Dear Q~

Happy Lughnasadh!

"Nach i tha teth an-diugh?" (It's hot today, isn't it?)

Being of Scottish descent, and having traveled to Scotland, I enjoy following many of the customs.

Last night, I couldn't wait until today to celebrate the harvest, so after midnight I baked Bannocks.

I also looked up the temperatures in Scotland, UK. They follow the Celsius system so I translated it to our temps. I specifically looked up the temperature at Inverness, because it is a place I traveled to and truly loved. Also, it is a large enough city to have the temps recorded on the UK weather map on line. Their average temperature this week is 19C or 66.2 Fahrenheit during the day and 12C or 53.6 Fahrenheit at night. It is also raining there this week.

I think I have decided that I need to go to Scotland when it gets this hot here in the States. I so long for my home. Now, just to find a way to get there yearly....

SlĂ inte, (to good health)

* sprite

Q said...

Hi Sprite!
So happy you shared Lughnasadh with us. Thank you.
Do you have a reciepe for Bannocks you could share with us? I am thinking they are a very yummy bread!
I looked up Inverness, Scotland. So lovely. I like those temperatures too.
Please to visit you in Scotland!
Maybe we could visit an old wood forest! I could take photos.

To Good Health to you too!

Sprite said...

Hello Q~

Oh my goodness. I used a recipe that is sweet, like baked flat pan cookies. It used to be called Sad Cake, but I call it Blessing Cake. It was called Sad Cake because it had to rise and fall. The recipe has been around as far as I know since 1970 or before. I was making it then.

Sprite's Sweet Bannock Cakes

2 cups bisquick
2 cups brown sugar (one could mix sugar with molasses to make brown sugar)
4 eggs
1 T. Vanilla (i open bottle and pour in)
Butterscotch chips (also can use chocolate chips)
Pecans, Walnuts, and or Raisins

Preheat oven 350°
13 X 9 pan buttered

Mix all ingredients, put in pan, bake for 30 minutes (it can vary). One can use as much or as little chips, nuts or raisins as they want. A cup of each will do nicely. It must rise and fall to be good. It will be a very dense cookie. Cool, and cut into 1" squares.

There is a version which also includes oats. I cannot find it at the moment. It is rather delicious.



Q said...

Thank you Sprite!
This sounds yummy and easy. I shall try them.
My Husband will be so pleased.
Q ~(me too)~