Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Lughnasad, Celtic Harvest

Happy Lughnasadh!

Our friend, Sprite, told us about this Holiday! I have done some research. So fun to celebrate old and new Holidays. Thank you Sprite! I will fix potatoes for supper.

It is August!

When the pollen falls from the flowers I am so charmed, Fairy dust!

Sunflowers are gracing the August tables. We are having another heat wave. A water main broke a couple of blocks away so our water pressure is very low. I have two sprinklers going so the birds and the plants are getting drinks. The heat and the dryness are so very hard on all of the gardens. I am trying to keep the mums alive. I am staying cool too and drinking lots of water. Harvesting the heat would be nice and storing it for winter.

Each Day is an opportunity to give. Each day I receive gifts.

In August I shall be ever so aware of the gifts. In August I shall write down, in my journal, the gifts that come to me.


Q said...

Hi Sprite!
So happy you shared Lughnasadh with us. Thank you.
Do you have a reciepe for Bannocks you could share with us? I am thinking they are a very yummy bread!
I looked up Inverness, Scotland. So lovely. I like those temperatures too.
Please to visit you in Scotland!
Maybe we could visit an old wood forest! I could take photos.

To Good Health to you too!

Q said...

Thank you Sprite!
This sounds yummy and easy. I shall try them.
My Husband will be so pleased.
Q ~(me too)~