Monday, October 16, 2006


When I put my apron on I go to work. I have many aprons. For October I have four. They go with my different work outfits. It is here, at the house and gardens, I work and play and have my being. I do get tired. When I take my apron off, I am "off the clock". It is time for me to rest. While the pumpkin muffins cooled I went outside. The rains had stopped for a few minutes.
I was pleased to see one marigold plant was still in bloom. Some of the basil was fine, the lettuce is thriving.
The little mum was in bloom.
The Redbud bed is on the Northwest corner of the front yard. It seems so strange how the frost nipped the south and east beds but the north and west side of the gardens are left unscathed. I am so pleased I over seeded the Redbud bed with Romaine and basil. How the marigold plant ended up here I do not know. I have helpers in the gardens. The wind and the birds and all the creatures that visit carry seed. Sometimes they know more about gardening than I.

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