Friday, October 06, 2006

Mistaken Identity Blessings

The Full Harvest Moon is the Full Moon that is closest to the Autumn Equinox. I had counted the days and deemed September's Full Moon to be the Harvest Moon. I was mistaken. I did not count the hours. I forgot about Daylight Savings time.
October's Full Moon is the Harvest Moon. It is tonight at 11:13 pm.
I am so blessed! I shall celebrate two Harvest Moons this year! I will make another wish. I shall fix black bean chili for our Harvest Moon supper. I shall watch her rise. I shall take a Harvest Moon bath! I love the Harvest Moon being in the magical month of October!

My activity today, on Harvest Moon Day, is to begin harvesting the bittersweet. I saw a few berries had opened. I had found two lovely autumn colored baskets one is for the bittersweet harvest. I am beginning a Bittersweet Harvesting Ritual. It is similar to the way I harvest the Lavender and the Rosemary. I am grateful to have bittersweet growing in my backyard. I am grateful for it's beauty.

I had read about how to harvest bittersweet. If the berries have not popped open yet, showing the charming red interior seed, no worries. As the fresh branches dry the berries will open. I had cut a branch on Wednesday, as an experiment, and in 24 hours the berries were open.
Bittersweet is gorgeous. I cut 24 stems this morning and removed the leaves. I shall continue to harvest now for the rest of the month.

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