Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Haunted Forest

Last October my Husband cut out some dead branches in the front maple tree,
nice twisted, gnarly branches. I planted some of those branches in the flower beds on either side of our front walkway. I called it the Haunted Forest.
This year I saw lots of old, dead branches in the Fire bush. They were distracting from the wonderous glow of the red leaves. More than enough to do the front walk and the back. I asked my Husband to cut them out, please. I planted all of them in the flower beds. The Haunted Forest has grown.
Lots of candles in different heads in front and lanterns in back, give an eerie light. During the day the birds have perching branches. Spiders are weaving webs between branches.
Inside I have the Twisting Willow branches hung with Rosemary and Sweet Annie. The Jasmine vine and the Passion flower vine are in large pots in front of the windows. The vines are old and have filled the willow cages. I have small spot lights in the pots..
At night I turn the lights on and shadows are cast up onto the windows and the ceiling. It is spooky and smells divine! This is the inside Haunted Forest. It also grew this year.

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