Thursday, October 26, 2006

Painting with Light

The Haunted Forest enchanted me today. I felt far away in a different time and a different place.
A dreamy day.


Anonymous said...

Bergamont and i are trying to think of some fun halloweeen rituals. Have any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Dear "Q",

Glad to hear you are feeling some better. Still sending blessings of health and wellness.

Your photo's are beautiful and so expressive. They certainly capture the beauty of fall. I love the spider web glistening with dew so lovely.

Thinking of you, Me

Q said...

Hi Lavender and Bergamont,

I do all sorts of fun Halloween Day and Night "rituals".
I make them up!

This year I will start my day by bowing to the four directions and thanking the sky and the earth for the many blessings I have received.
I will spend time in silence as I greet the day. If at all possible I will do this outside.
On warm Halloweens I have done my morning thank-you by making a circle in the grass with rocks and covering the interior with rosemary.

I will light candles for all my loved ones. As the day moves forward I will continue to light candles each representing loved ones, living and dead, until I have lit all 31 I have in the house. Come evening, weather permiting, I will light the 31 candles I have outside. I also have candles for the plants and the birds and the four legged creatures! If I am unable to do my outside candles I have glitter, lavender and rosemary, I can scatter about the deck and sidewalk for my blessings. 31 candles inside and out is new this year. I always do candles of some sort.
You can do your candles too. Maybe 3 would be nice or just one for a special intention. 13 is always a good number! Intention is the key.

I find the 31st is a great day for forgiving.(If I was not able to get all my forgiving in on Day of Atonement).

I plan my food too. This year I am making black bean chili. Soup is nice and warm. A fine dark bread with honey butter is yummy. Hot spiced cider with cinnamon sticks is nice. If it is cold outside, hot co-co is yummy too.

Don't forget music! The library has cd's you could check out.

A fun thing you two might enjoy doing is to begin writing a story together. This weekend you both could choose a journal book and on the 31st you both could write a paragraph. It could be about how you found the wise path. Each year you two could add to the story. You could take a walk and find blessings, leaves, string etc, these could go in your book. Each of you could have your own book and share your writings or one book you both write in. You could write lines for a poem or thoughts about the day. It is your book so it can be however you want it to be.
I have a special outfit I am wearing this year. I am very excited about it. It is burned out velvet! Oh my it is pretty.

Carving a Jack O'Lantern is very fun!
I am sure I can think of many more ideas.
Maybe Sprite will pop by and add to what I have written.
Have fun and enjoy the special day.

Q said...

Hi Me!
I was wondering why each moment I feel a wee bit better! Thank you for all of your special wellness blessings!
So hope you are surrounded by the lovely Fall leaves and bright Autumn wonders.
Some of my photos are through the windows of my house. I find the glass gives a certain "unworldly" look. As is the case when I just look at the world from my own point of view.
So many of the spider webs are gone! The cold nights have sent the spiders into warmer spots.
I am waiting for more Indian Summer days.
Once the ground dries up a bit I will need to go outside and do some clean up. For now I am watching the leaves fall.