Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Magical Creatures

Every year I add a new Theme into our Halloween. This year it is Magical Creatures. The Dragon's Head sits by the front pond in the Haunted Forest. When the candle inside of it is lit the head glows. For my desk I found a brass Unicorn. I put it in a brass and glass box and added dried rose buds and white dried rose petals. I also wanted to do a Swan for my desk and was so pleased when I found a small orange Swan planter.
Hummingbirds are so very magical to me so when I found this lamp with a little Hummer I was happy. The amber glass shade made this work in nicely. The second night light I needed for the kitchen.

I will continue to add Magical Creatures now as I find the right ones both for the inside and out. I have a list. This is a new collection for me.

I have begun to tweak. Each spot gets my full attention. I decorate the decorations. I let my imagination run wild. I ask myself what would make the spot look beautiful? Sometimes it is something simple like the dried roses in the Unicorn box or cinnamon sticks for the black cat candy box. Other times I imagine fine crystal spiders and lovely glass pumpkins to finish an area. Today I ironed the silk scarves I bought at the thrift store and used them as linens on the half wall. I printed photos of butterflies and framed them for the window sills in the living room and dining rooms.
I am taking notes on what to look for next time I go thrifting. Ideas are flying in as I create.

These shelves could use linens. I took a measurement. Maybe something with fringe would be good.

Every year the house looks better. Every day I find ways to express joy and beauty. I am having so much fun!

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Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I loose myself entirely when I am decorating. I let go of any preconcieved ideas of what is "proper" and let the space speak to me. I find that when I have lovely items to set about it helps!
Also I use items that have special meaning. So often I do a tribute to someone who has passed on or I do a grouping to remind me of something I am working on.
I love Swans and they are so graceful. I too would like to be like the Swan.
The Hummingbirds are full of joy. I too am joyfilled. Having them about as motif reminds me to express joy.
Butterflies and Dragonflies are part of who I am.
This year, in October, I added the Magical Creatures to remind me to always celebrate the magic of life.
It is a pleasure for me to be able to share what I do and how I do it. I spend very little money and have so much fun.
Glad you enjoy it.