Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Witch's Ball

My new motif for this year is the Witch's Ball. These are reflecting balls or gazing balls. When I was doing some research last year I learned about them. Wise women in the past would set reflecting balls at their gates so they could see who was approaching. As the years went by these large balls became known as Witch's Balls. They regained popularity in the Victorian Age as garden ornaments. They once again are popular. I was looking for something that was a symbol of the balls from the past. Storage becomes a problem for me so I wanted to stay small. When I found the mercury glass balls at the craft store I bought a couple. One is by the front door. The amber glass ball I hung in the crab tree using some old chain my Husband had in the garage.
Inside I placed the quartz ball my son gave me on a stand.
He also gave me a black stone ball. It is with my box I keep shadows in.
Once the bittersweet is ready I will add it to the stand. Now that I have begun doing these balls I will continue to collect.
It is spooky at my house!


Anonymous said...

Hello "Q",



Q said...

Hi Me,
October is such a fun and beautiful month. I think I have enjoyed it the most this year. Everything has pulled together nicely and it is early in the month. I have so many ideas too! I have already decided on my motif for next year. As I shop the thirft stores I find such lovely things. I am careful. I only have so much storage room. Adding Halloween to the gardens is very fun.

Sprite said...


Dearest Q~

Oh, I just love what you have done in your garden of Halloween delights, both indoors and out.

The crab is so lovely with its hanging amber ball and chain.

I have some a witch's ball too, outside. I was given a hand blown glass ball by a dear friend that I have hanging in my living room. I discovered when I opened it that it was from Scotland. You can't imagine how thrilled I was! I have others hanging around my house, because one of my greatest wishes was to learn to blow glass. Though, I was unable to realize that dream - I did end up working with glass in lampwork bead making, and stained glass.

In recent times, I have heard that they are used in Feng Shui practice. Feng Shui is the art of placement for positive energy in the environment indoors and out of doors. They are used outdoors to change the energy surrounding the home, and reflect goodness and light to the inside of the home.

I just adore crystal spheres, thank you for sharing yours.

Blessings and Boo!


Q said...

Boo Sprite!

The crystal balls are very beautiful. I love the idea of how they reflect the goodness and light from the outside into the inside of a home. I just might want to do a few "year around" outside! The light reflecting into the house would be so nice. I am getting a visual on this! Thank you for telling us about this. I bet yours are lovely. Such a dear friend to give you a Scottish
ball bet it is a nagic ball too full of love and joy.

I do lots of the Feng Shui practices in my house and gardens. I also do lots of color energy.

I find that as I learn more about the different cultures and their ways my home becomes even more relaxing and filled with joy.

The ways of the Old Wise Women in Northern Europe are very similiar to the Wise Ones in India and China. I bet wherever one is the Wise Ways are the same.

Lots of symbolism is associated with the sphere. For today it is the symbol of unity, for me. We are all one.