Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Backyard Garden Tour

We were able to walk about the backyard without too many interruptions! I did stop a couple of times to snap photos. The Pearl Crescent was enjoying the Brighteyes Cosmos. These flowers have been wonderful performers this year. Even with the drought and prolonged heat they bloomed and bloomed. My friend gave me the seed three years ago and I keep saving seed and winter sowing them. I have saved lots of seed this year.
I love the way Mother Nature sows her seeds. The bamboo caught just the tip of the seed hair. The wind tried to take the seed but bamboo held on!
The Silver-spotted Skippers have been in the garden all summer. I will miss them. Again I do think I will sow more zinnias. Lots of overseeding the spring bulbs. I shall do some flats of zinnias also to plant around the poppies when they finish up. Good way to keep the bunnies from eating the seedlings. Row covers would help with vegetable seedlings. I could try sowing the seed in flats on the deck and transplanting when my seedllings are larger. We did see we have spaghetti squash and some kale has made it.
The birds planted a sunflower. Last one for this year I do think.
We need rain. We need cooler temperatures.

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