Wednesday, October 18, 2006


The front maple is at peak color. I watched as some leaves floated in the air.
Every view from the deck is beautiful.
Some friends came over for a visit. I fixed individual snack plates.
The black bean layered dip was yummy. Hot spiced cider chased away the cold damp day.


Anonymous said...

It was so fun to visit and hear about all the wonderful projects you're doing! The pictures of the preying mantis are so beautiful and unique, i love how they look you in the eye, what a great bug to person interaction. You are warm and welcomig and added something special to our day

Your ideas help highlight the fact that each month and each day is a special occasion.
~warmed Bergamont

Q said...

Hello Ladies,

I am so found of your names!
I enjoyed your visit.
Always something to share.
Thank you for coming by.
I do celebrate each day in some small way.

I like plants and birds and bugs!
As Autumn comes in and I prepare for Winter I find I sleep a bit more!
I know you are also artists and take much inspiration from the Natural World. Mother Nature has the best colors, smells and designs.
Come by again. I am always making something and I enjoy sharing.