Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Blessings of health and wealth and much happiness! My friend in western Kansas is an artist. She made me this card!
I recently read that in the olde Celtic tradition holly was part of Samhain celebrations.
I have a holly bush the birds planted for me. This afternoon I shall trim a branch. This afternoon I will light a candle for the new year. As I celebrate this day I reach back to the ancient ways to understand why I do the things I do!


Anonymous said...

Hooray! Sounds like you had a great Halloween.
You gave us such great ideas and i wanted to say thank you and share what we did.
During dinner we lit a candle and while we were eating (lavender, bergamont, and a friend) we went around the table and asked for some kind of spirit we wanted to bring into our lives. One of us asked for the spirit of inner peace, one for the spirit to slow down, and one for the spirit to help her get through a hard time. Then onto dessert. Our friend brought over three maya chocolate bars. We cut each one into three pieces so we could all get a taste of each. Then we sat in a circle and each person took a turn making a wish and then eating a piece. We liked it so much that once we were done we wanted to do another round. SO with another bar we each made a wish for eachother. This led to lots of tears, smiles, and hugs. Our friend fell asleep so i started walking around the house to find somethig to write down our wise path paragraph. We decided to use a jar and write our story on little squares of paper. As time passes the jar will fill up and we can pull out one every once in a while to remind ourselves where we are going. We loved the rituals so much we decided we will do it many times again.
Lots of love~Bergamont and lavender ps. can't wait to see what you do in november!

Q said...

Hello Lavender and Bergamont!
I just loved your circle and chocolates. Having the jar fill with your ways is lovely. I only see love and beauty. I only know joy. Even in the trail of tears there is joy and beauty.
Thank you for sharing how you called forth spirit! Yes!
I am so happy we are on this path together!