Sunday, October 15, 2006


The gourds on the bamboo trellis were blackened by the frost. Just not sure if I will pick and pull the vines or not. They seem to be a mess.
On the deck the white gourds are so lovely I want them inside in baskets.
I had a moment of sadness as I gazed at the gourds.

Carolina Wren came by with a sweet song and the sadness went away as he sang. Autumn is like that for me, poignant. One moment I am filled with wonder and delight the next I am longing for the newness of Spring.
Hope he stays all winter.

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Q said...

Dear Sprite,
So sweet of you to offer comfort. Thank you. A tiny bit of frost takes the tender annuals. It is always somewhat sad for me. I know every year it will happen. All sorts of tenders are over for this growing season. The zinnias and marigolds and peppers and tomatoes were also nipped.
The rains of the last two nights are bringing out the color and beauty of the mums. The parade of flowers continues.
Thank you for your kindness.

The sweet Wren singing was all I needed to rejoice again. The seasons change and so do I.
New adventures await.
Indian Summer is just around the bend.
I have winter to prepare for.

We still will dance and play. Now it is with the delights of the wood fire rather than the firefly.
The winter birds will sing their morning songs and I will have flowers inside to tend. The Haunted Forest gives way to the Enchanted Forest.

Winter is long for me. I shall spend more time here, at Corner. I will make my plans for next year's growing season. I will invite friends and family over for steaming bowls of black bean chili and warm soups. I will bake breads.

We still will have delights. The gourds will ripen.