Sunday, October 29, 2006


The recent rains filled my father's wheel barrow with just the right amount of water.
Sparrows played.
They did not seem to mind me watching.


Anonymous said...

Ddear "Q",

So glad you are feeling better and are able to go outside and take all these great photos. You are abe to capture all the feelings and wonderment of nature. Thank you, for sharing.

Love ya, Me

Q said...

Hi Me!
I am feeling some what better, voice is still raspy and I do have a cough. I think I may be up to 80% well!
When the temperatures outside are warm enough I just have to go outside! I hope this winter I can bundle up and take my daily walk about.
So glad you enjoy the photos. The gardens are always changing. Seems as if every day there is a new delight. Come November, I will be getting the beds cleaned up and ready for the winter. I am planning on having more Indian Summer days.
I also will be preparing the inside of our home for winter. The pantry needs to be restocked and I like to have fun activities planned for "ice and snow" days!

Winter is hard for me. I seem to need flowers and birds and a few bugs to keep my spirit soaring!

Sharing here, at Corner, is so very fun. I never seem to know what my post will be until I see what photos I was able to take.

Hope as the days come and go you also are enjoying the wonderment of Mother Nature!


Q said...

Ha-ha he-he ho-ho hum!
Sprite, you are so very fun!

Those birds are best of friends! They fly together and perch up together and come to the feeder together.
I love the Sparrows.