Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Color Lessons from the Pro

I took a break from decorating and harvesting to look at the colors in the gardens. The Cloudless Sulphur Butterflies continue to fill the gardens with their fancy flight and beautiful colors. The Orange Sulphurs are smaller and darker in color, beautiful with the fushia zinnia.
The wild Indigo Duskywing looked so lovely on the marigold. I think I shall run up and get a few more of those orange and black photo frames. I have already framed the Monarch and the Swallowtail. They are on the window sill in the dining room. The inside Haunted Forest will not be so scary with photos of such beautiful, magical creatures! I played a few more minutes with my friends. Red and yellow is lovely.
Tonight we finish the Garden Tour if we do not get distracted.

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