Friday, October 13, 2006

Witch's Fly In

We celebrate the Besom, the work broom. Much folk lore has been written about the Witch's Broom. Worn straw brooms from my husband's work come home for our collection. We found the brass stand last week. On October 13th I begin my celebration of the Witch, the wise women of olde.
My Grandfather's hay fork is just the right size for the front porch. The tool the male folk used. All the care and labor these ancestors put forth is amazing.

My old witch hat is too tattered to wear anymore, it is my front door decoration. I am always a Witch for Halloween.

My Mother would hang her paper witch on the mirror in the entry of my childhood home. She told me my Grandmother had the witch when Mother was a little girl. Mother gave me her witch many years ago. I had her framed.

She connects me to my Grandmother and my Mother. Hard working women.

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