Sunday, October 15, 2006

Beauty in the Details

The rains stopped for a few minutes. I filled the bird feeders and took my walk about the yard. It is chilly. The leaves are piling up. I find the colors and shapes so lovely.
The Maples are brilliant. The contrast of greens leaves and brown branches with oranges, reds and yellows against blue-gray skies is inspiraing to me.
The crab tree is full of berries. The raindrops remind me to look at reflections. I look deeper. With out the marvel of the butterfly to distract me I look for the beauty in a fallen leaf.
Once again Mother Nature changes her palette. It is beautiful outside.
We need the rain.

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Q said...

Hi Sprite!
Your shimmering glitter is so delightful. Thank you for popping in.
The colors outside are incredible.
As the light changes so do the colors!
Maybe a few photos of the different mums in bloom would be fun!
I think Mother Nature brings out the best in me! As I look deeper into the natural world I am filled with the wonder of life.