Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Somehow I developed laryngitis.
I am drinking wellness tea. I am trying to rest my voice.
Hopefully I will be talking again soon.

The tomatoes are ripening! I will get another big jar and do twice as many next year. It really works.


Anonymous said...

How ironic. I was just looking up laryngitis remedies. I'm taking echinacea and elderberry, looks like you're box said echinacea on it too. I also just read a strong sage tea mixed with apple cider vinegar and cayenne makes a healing gargle. I'm going to pick some sage from the garden and try it out in the morning. Hope you get your voice back soon.

Q said...

Thank you Lavender!
We are connected!
I cut some sage this morning after you reminded me of this soothing gargle. I think I will sweeten my tea with rose syrup!
My boxed tea has elderberry in it too. I need to grow more elderberry. On the list that one goes! I have echinacea in the gardens but leave the seed heads for the birds. I must remember to dry some next year for "wellness" tea. I so seldom get ill that I forget to lay in stores for winter.
Thank you again,