Sunday, October 22, 2006

New Pumpkin Moon

It is Pumpkin Time.I send forth my blessings.
May Grandmother Moon give comfort to those that suffer.

May each of us see the beauty that surrounds us.
I am grateful for this day.

Lumpy is the name of our scarecrow. Thank you Housefrau!


Anonymous said...

I love that line.. May each of us see the beauty that is around us. That is what i strive to do, thank you for those words. May the new moon bring love to all.

Housefrau said...

Hooray for Lumpy!!!

Q said...

Hi Lavender,
Yumm, I can smell how delightful you are!
Finding something beautiful everyday does keep one full of joy. With the Autumn leaves in full color I am surrounded by beauty. I do know this will change and Mother Nature will provide another scape to enjoy.
The New Moon is a nice time to think about what we cannot see. I sometimes will sit and listen to the wind or smell the scents that drift by. I am also very interested in how something feels. Touching a tree with my eyes closed is inspiring.
New Pumpkin Moon is a good time to have hot cidar and pumpkin muffins!

Q said...

Hi Housefrau,
I may need to add more straw to Lumpy as he is looking rather thin these days. I shall leave our friend up until after Thanksgiving. So far only our neighbor has been frightened by Lumpy. So much for keeping the critters out of the gardens!
The Owl worked for about half a day. I think all the animals know these garden accents are for decorative purposes only.

Housefrau said...

Well, I am just glad Lumpy is out there spooking someone!

At my house, the newest addition to our outdoor decor (such as it is) is some fresh new graffiti on our garden wall! I would prefer a scarecrow. Our graffiti artist is called "Spy" and has decorated quite a bit of the neighborhood. I guess I can think of it as a Halloween theme.

Feed Lumpy some straw and maybe he will start spooking some neighborhood spookies!


Q said...

Fiddlesticks on Spy!
Oh my goodness! An artist without a canvas is a scary thing.
I do like your thinking Housefrau. Another Halloween motif, "The Crazy Graffiti Artist."