Saturday, October 21, 2006

Rich Autumn Colors

A lull in the morning showers gave me the opportunity to go outside. I wanted to see the rich colors of the leaves up close. The fire bush is a gorgeous backdrop for the wind harp and the bare branches of the Haunted Forest. Yesterday we cleaned out the spent tomatoes, peppers and squashes. The bare bones of the vegetable garden will provide perches for the winter birds.
Scarecrow needs a name. I have two entries for the drawing, Housefrau has "Lumpy" in the running. I "Stanley". Tomorrow, on New Moon Day, I will draw out of the pumpkin a name! If you have any suggestions let me know! I will add your idea to the pumpkin.
I did a gourd sculpture with the vines. I clipped and picked and moved them about. Now these can stay all winter. They are tidy and the gourds that are left can ripen. As the leaves wither and fall the trellis will show forth. I think it will look very pretty with snow.
The ivy has turned. I do like the color framing the windows. Next year I will let the ivy continue to grow. I will do an ivy sculpture!

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