Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Green ways

As I travel about in my city I try to choose the roads that wind through city parks. I travel the green ways. Today I saw wild turkeys grazing by the road. Too many cars behind me to stop and snap photos yet I was thrilled! Maybe they will come to my gardens to nibble. As the Autumn grows older fewer bugs are here. I did see a Swallowtail fly over and was happy to see the Skipper on the only bloom left on the Butterfly bush. I was pleased to see the Hawk on the deck this afternoon. He flew as I was getting the camera! One of these days I will get my photo. Chick-a-dee posed for me!
The Fire bush is at peak color.
Huge bouquets of mums are in the house.
I know they will be over soon. Heavy frost will come through one of these nights and nip the mums.

I visited the graves of my parents and my sister today with my Aunt and my Brother. I took mums and wheat. This is my week for graves. My week to bring treats from the gardens to my loved ones that have gone on ahead of me. Tomorrow I visit my Grandson's memorial tree.

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