Monday, October 02, 2006


The Pinoak stands sixty plus feet at the side of the driveway. It has grown in the last 29 years. It shades the west side of the house and front yard in the summer. It is home to many birds and squirrels. Planted under the Pinoak is Thorndale Ivy. Two small plants have circled the tree and spill out now covering the surrounding yard. I continue to expand the bed every year. We are allowing the ivy to roam. It stays green all winter. The bed is edged in moss rock.
For October I planted a shepherds hook in the ivy and placed an owl lantern on one of the hooks. I will light the lantern each night until November first. I do not know what will go on the second hook. The Universe will provide just the right item.
Owls are part of my decor in October. This planter is in one of the back flower beds, it also has a candle. There are other owls about in the Haunted Forest. I celebrate the owl. Every now and again at dusk an owl will fly over the house. I have taken photos. The owl has so much to teach us. Much myth and mystery surround the owl.
Inside, Owls also pop up. On the north kitchen counter I have a family of owls perched up on top of the spice cabinet that used to be my daughter's. In the little jars I have all sorts of strange fun things; glitter, bittersweet, rosemary and paprika to name a few. In the black metal frame is my Mother's recipe for pumpkin pie. She would always make it for my Father for their anniversary which was in October. My cat lamp is new this year, my night light for this spot. One of those finds, as is the mortar and pestle. The copper vase and tray I have had for many years. I use copper and brass and black iron in October. I light many candles each day. The Jack O'Lantern tea light holder is a sweet remembrance from an old friend. I have not seen her for a long time but I send a blessing whenever I light my little candle.

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