Friday, October 06, 2006


The Staghorn Sumac is in her Autumn dress. I am cutting some seed cones for decorating. I am careful not to cut too many as the winter birds do enjoy the seed. This is an endangered species of sumac. It has all sorts of spring bulbs and hosta growing under it. The mums that are in the window boxes will be planted in her bed come November. This bed has not received an October decoration yet. I am still looking for what it will be. The bark on the new growth is velvety.
There was some milkweed vine growing in the tree which I cut to decorate the basket. This is my spot for the acorns and other gifts Mother Nature gives to us in October. We are walking in the evenings and finding all sorts of lovely seed pods and acorns. I thought a nice basket filled with Autumn treasures would make a lovely potpourri for the Hearth.

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