Thursday, October 19, 2006

Cookie Time

'Tis the season to bake cookies. My husband likes raisin oatmeal cookies.
I use the recipe on the box of Quaker Oatmeal. I have changed the recipe to include organic ingredients and more cinnamon and lots more raisins. He has cookies now for his lunches for the next couple of weeks. He will enjoy a few for an after work treat tonight.
The sun came out this afternoon. I surveyed the gardens. A Red Admiral butterfly flew in but did not land. The mums are in full bloom. The dwarf snapdragons are also in full bloom.
A pair of hawks flew over.
I have work to do outside, time to clean up the Autumn gardens.


Anonymous said...

Sherry -
Those cookies look yummy! I always get a muffin when I come to your house, so I looked for those and saw them in a previous post.
I love the beautiful (and delicious) things you create!

Q said...

Hi Sandi,

Muffins are an all the time food at my house. My husband takes two in his lunch each day for his breakfast.

He likes a cookie for break. He likes my cookies. I do his cookies from October through April. It is an event at our house when it is cookie time again.

With cooler temps I find I want to bake! Each Autumn I buy one new item for my baking. This year I am looking for the perfect brownie pan!